The Image of Beauty

I don’t know how I found the video/ advertisement shared below. I am, however, thankful for the path that led me to it. My wife and I do not have any children of our own. But as I think to the future, to the classroom I’ll be in and the scores of children that I’ll share time with learning and exploring and laughing, I cannot help think about how we all help (or hurt) each other develop our self-perceptions, how we can inadvertently reinforce negative self-mages, and how a hundred kind words can all too often be undermined by a single unthinking, hurtful one.

So this is a call to my friends, my student-teacher colleagues, educators, administrators, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, anyone who has taken the time to read this post: let’s re-examine our notions of beauty, let’s redefine the word, the idea so that it better reflects what we know to be the truth, so that when our sons and daughters, our nieces and nephews, our sisters and brothers, our mothers and fathers, and even when we ourselves look into the mirror, we see the beauty.


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