Which Side Are Your Children On?

Can someone please please please help me understand what’s the difference in the below photos, regardless of how you feel or what you think about the issues being addressed?

  1. Gun control 
  2. Homosexuality
  3. Big government
  4. Abortion
  5. Che Guevara
  6. President Barack Obama
  7. President George Bush
  8. Jesus
  9. Democrats v. Republicans
  10. Marxism/Socialism/Solidarity

2 thoughts on “Which Side Are Your Children On?

  1. That is a very scary collection of pictures. The sad part is how these shots illustrate extremely well the very adult centered parenting/teaching practices, where children are used as an extension of parents’ beliefs/opinions. It often includes teaching children a “dogma” – or the only acceptable truth- and prevents kids from forming their own opinions. I do understand the (perceived) sincerity of the beliefs parents are displaying, but I think using kiddos as messengers is just plain wrong.

    • Exactly! Using your children as props in political/ religious/ lifestyle is, at least in my opinion, just plain wrong (as you said). I think it also weakens your position/ stance if you have do so.

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