Return from Winter Break

I created this blog as part of an ongoing assignment for one of my graduate courses, Technology in Education, at Nazareth College. I had previously had a little experience with blogs, as I created a blog when we moved to Uganda in 2008. That first blog was just a forum for my random thoughts about moving to East Africa, and I only posted a few entries before life and work ‘got in the way’. That’s an excuse, I realize, but after a few entries, I realized that (a) I could just as easily keep a written journal or diary, and (b) no one was reading the blog anyway. So when we were assigned to start a blog for the previously mentioned course, and to make weekly postings (and comments on fellow classmates’ blogs as well), I’ll admit I was somewhat begrudgingly compliant. But I soon realized what a helpful tool this was for personal (and professional) development and for challenging my notions of the possible purposes and uses of keeping a blog – not to mention my engagement with my own ideas of the role of digital technologies in the classroom. As the semester progressed, this assignment was by far my favorite. I enjoyed reading my classmates’ blogs, and having a schedule or due date for postings ensured that I was constantly thinking of the next week’s blog topic. As my classmates and professor were going to be reading and commenting on the entries, I was more careful and deliberate about my writing – it wasn’t merely a hidden repository for my musings. But the most rewarding aspect of the assignment was new perspectives gained from interactions/comments on my classmates’ blogs and their comments on my entries – the interactive nature of Web 2.0.

I knew I would be taking a break from posting to my blog during the Winter Break, but I had decided to continue with the blog throughout my graduate program (and hopefully once I am in my elementary classroom). I haven’t posted anything for quite some time – almost two months – and I’ll admit that I missed the opportunities that this assignment afforded me to process information and ideas in a more structured way. My technology course has long since finished, but my little old brain continues to wonder and question and I’ve returned to the keyboard. As this blog was tied to a particular course, previous entries were generally related to issues surrounding technology in the classroom. So I’m making this blog my own, and subsequent posts might include more random topics, following my own inclinations. I’ll continue to challenge myself and wonder and question. My hope is that I will be able to continue engaging with an authentic audience and to expand my network.



One thought on “Return from Winter Break

  1. Ha Ha! Found ya! Think of this blog away from Ed. Tech as your digital journal. Great idea, and i might consider keeping up my own blog after the course has ended too. I skimmed a few of your previous posts, and I love how you can link to other blogs/topics that people are writing about. Your topic on good vs. great teachers was really interesting. I am a devoted newspaper reader, love reading in general but I think this whole idea of blogging/following interesting writers online might just boot me into the digital format a bit more…

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