Our past, with or without Facebook

Recently, I’ve been following a lively and very interesting examination (this blog post links to other posts that deal with both sides of the issue) of the fluidity and/or consistency of our identities, both how we perceive our current selves as well as how we perceive our past selves, as revealed through Facebook timelines and the construction of our pasts. It seems that the debate grew around the notion of “Thankfully, there was no Facebook when I was young!” and the ‘digital dirt’ that we all have. The discussion brings up the questions of fluid perceptions and recollections of our past v. a crystallized (via our digital footprint/past) past. While Facebook allows us to reexamine our past (and to edit what we wish), one position/argument posits that others can manipulate our past selves as well.It’s an interesting examination of the nature of recollection, past and present identity formation, and the influence of digital technology.


2 thoughts on “Our past, with or without Facebook

  1. This reminds me of how a few years ago everyone used MySpace. If you have an old MySpace account, you cannot log into it but it still exists. You have to contact MySpace and show proof of identity to have the page removed. The page still exists but you cannot see it or now gain access to it. It just makes me think as well of our digital footprint and if it is even possible to erase it.

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